Vietnam: The Secret Agent

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1984. USA. Producer/Director Jacki Ochs, Producer/Editor Daniel Keller, Associate Producer Charles Light, original score by Country Joe McDonald, narrated by Max Gail

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As soldiers return from new wars plagued by illness, disability, and post-traumatic stress; as government leadership fails and fresh environmental catastrophes evoke debate about corporate accountability; it is essential to illuminate struggles and lessons from the past.

Veterans exposed during the Vietnam war to Agent Orange/dioxin, who seek treatment for their children and themselves, are the principal subjects of this gripping documentary — an unsparing look at chemical warfare, herbicides, toxic waste, and the fraught yet enduring military-industrial complex.

Every issue raised in this historic film continues to resonate today.

New York Film Festival World Premiere 1983 International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg 1983 Sundance Film Festival Special Jury Prize 1984 John Grierson Award American Film Festival Best New Director 1984 MoMa International Film Festival 2008


… excellent … a tough, angry look at the consequences of exposure to Agent Orange … a chilling issue that is effectively addressed here.

The New York Times

… a scrupulously researched, even-handed expose about dioxin and its use (or, rather, abuse) in Vietnam.

L.A. Herald Examiner

… one of the year's most terrifying horror films!

Boston Globe

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Dead Mangrove Forest, Vietnam

Dead Mangrove Forest, Vietnam

Times Beach, Missouri kids hold sign that says Doomed Without Your Help

Times Beach, MO kids

Toxic Waste Clean-up, Men in Hazmat Suits

Toxic Waste Clean-up

Helicopter spraying

Helicopter Spraying

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VTSA Film Slate


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Agent Orange Timeline

The Agent Orange historic timeline, available for download, describes principal national and international judicial, legislative and scientific events that have occurred since the 1984 release of Vietnam: The Secret Agent up to 2022. It is an excellent study tool to use when screening the film.

Agent Orange/Dioxin Timeline 1983-2022